What Includes in An End of Lease Clean?

What Includes in An End of Lease Clean?

By : Mikaela Perrin
When you move out of the rental house, the biggest challenge for you is to clean the property in the best possible way. Whether it is the oven, windows, light fitting, carpets, toilet or floor, every single spot must be spotless. However, it is a highly stressful and overwhelming task for most tenants as they also have to deal with other moving-related tasks. No matter how difficult the task is, you cannot avoid it or take it lightly because it will help you to get the bond money back. That is why you should always hire reliable end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. They use modern equipment and innovative methods to ensure every corner of the property looks flawless. If you want to complete the task yourself, you must have the right knowledge. Prepare and follow a checklist so you do not skip any important spot. Here is a list of spots that you must include in an end of lease cleaning Gold Coast.


You should always start the dusting of the property from the cooking area. The area has numerous surfaces that require a different cleaning approach. Leaving it for the last would be a mistake because if you have to complete the cleaning in a hustle, you will most likely miss some of the important spots. Make sure you clean the following areas.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the top of the cabinets
  • Wipe inside and out of all the cupboards
  • Get rid of the grease build-up from range hood exhaust and filter
  • Clean the stovetop as well as countertop
  • Remove the dirt and grease build-up from kitchen tiles and grout line
  • Clean all the appliances inside and out, particularly the oven. Follow the correct oven cleaning tips to make it look perfectly clean.
  • Remove the soap scum and hard water marks from the sink and faucets

  • Bathroom

    You also need to clean the bathroom thoroughly and make sure that the place doesn’t stink at all during the final inspection. Tenants usually do not focus on the cleaning of the bathroom until the lease period is over. It is advisable to follow eco-friendly ways to keep your whole bathroom clean! It makes the task easier during the end of the tenancy. When cleaning the bathroom, include the following spots in your checklist.
  • Remove the stains from inside of the toilet bowl
  • Get rid of the stains from the bathtub and make it look sparkling clean
  • Remove limescale from the showerhead
  • Clean hard water marks and soap scum from shower glass and faucets
  • Remove dirt from tiles and grout lines
  • Get rid of the dust from the exhaust fan
  • Clean and polish the bathroom mirror

  • Other Rooms

    Once you are done with the wet areas of the property, it is time to clean the living room and bedroom. These rooms do not accumulate as much dirt as the wet areas, but you cannot take any chances. Cleaning the property can be a time-consuming task, so if you want a good result without making any efforts, contact a professional end of lease cleaning company Gold Coast. If you are doing it on your own, then you must clean the following spots.
  • Get rid of the dust from the blades of the fan
  • Dust and wipe all the surfaces
  • Remove scuff marks, mould and mildew from walls
  • Clean the windows properly – Screen, frame, glass, sills and blinds
  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets and remove stains
  • Wardrobes or Cupboards
  • Remove dust and dirt from skirting boards

  • Common Spots

    There are also some areas that are common in all the rooms. Tenants often forget to clean these spots, but it can lead to a dispute with the landlord. So, make sure you do not overlook them and include them in your cleaning.
  • Sweep the Ceiling Corners to remove cobwebs
  • Clean the layer of dust inside and outside of Light Fitting
  • Sweep and mop the floor of all the rooms

  • Outdoor Area

    Once you have completed the inside of the rental property, you also need to make sure that the exterior also looks good. Therefore, you must also include the following spots in your checklist.
  • Remove the dust and dirt build-up on the patio
  • Thoroughly clean the outside furniture
  • Wash the outside walls and remove any cobwebs
  • Mow the lawn properly and paint the fence

  • The Bottom Line

    End of lease cleaning is a challenging task, particularly when moving for the first time or have decided to get the job done yourself. However, you can minimise your stress level during the move by knowing what includes in end of lease clean. If you want to increase the chance of your bond money refund, clean the property professionally. Contact experts who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast.