What is Muriatic Acid? How to Use it For Cleaning?

What is Muriatic Acid? How to Use it For Cleaning?

By : Mikaela Perrin

Eliminating caked-on gunk, grime, and grease from surfaces requires a combination of an effective cleaning solution/acid and the right mechanical action, such as scrubbing, gentle rubbing, or wiping. This can help you dislodge dirt and other stubborn stains and retrieve the pristine shine of your home on the Gold Coast.

One of the most powerful and effective cleaning products is Muriatic Acid. It can easily remove stubborn stains, buildup grease, and other contaminants. However, it is corrosive and requires safety precautions when used at home. The product contains hydrochloric acid that can even damage the surface if not used properly.

So here is a complete guide on muriatic acid, its cleaning uses and safety guidelines to help you prevent potential side effects and damages. This article also includes safe alternatives to muriatic acid and other store-bought products to maintain a healthy, shiny, hygienic home environment.

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What is Muriatic Acid?

Muriatic acid is a type of hydrochloric acid with a pH value of about 1 and 2. However, it is less potent than the purer form of hydrochloric acid but super effective. The high acid concentration makes it corrosive and is used as a pickling agent to eliminate oxides from the metal surface. It can remove dried mortar concrete, grout, and other cement products from bricks, stones and masonry surfaces.

The product also has other household cleaning uses, such as rust removal, mould and mildew removal, balancing pH levels in pools, etc. However, direct contact with the liquid or acid can lead to a burning sensation, and its pungent fumes could cause respiratory disorders. That’s why experts adhere to safety measures when using muriatic acid for a professional bond cleaning Gold Coast.

It is always good to use a diluted form of muriatic acid. You can add 10 parts of warm water to reduce its acidic level. Also, be careful and use the right methods when using harsh chemicals or corrosive cleaning products at home.

Muriatic Acid Cleaning Uses in the Home

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Despite being a corrosive and harsh cleaning agent, muriatic acid has multiple cleaning uses at home. It comes in different concentrations to treat different types of stains and contaminants. If you are okay to use store-bought cleaners, have a look at the following cleaning uses of muriatic acid:

1. Easy to Eliminate Greasy Stains and Oil Splatters

Professional bond cleaners Gold Coast prefer using the diluted form of muriatic acid to get rid of buildup grease and oil stains from surfaces like driveways, hallways and other concrete surface.

You can apply the solution on the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes or until you scrub using a brush or pad. Gently rinse the surface to remove acid residue.

However, it is good to use baking soda or vinegar to clean your greasy stovetop.

2. Treat Mould and Mildew Stains

If nothing works, use 1 cup of muriatic acid and 1 gallon of warm water to tackle mould and mildew stains. This is a common household fungus that loves to grow in moist and dark areas, such as bathroom walls, tiles, basement and swimming pool surfaces. It can further lead to various health hazards, such as respiratory problems or even trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Apply and leave the product for half an hour. After that, gently scrub the area and rinse with plain water. Do not forget to dry the surface.

If you are looking for a safe or eco-friendly alternative to treat mould and mildew, use white vinegar and soapy water. It won’t leave toxic fumes behind and help you achieve the desired results.

3. Clean Grout Lines Like a Pro

You can easily clean bathroom tiles and grout lines using muriatic acid. Gently spray the diluted acid and scrub it with an old toothbrush. Clean and rinse the area using water and dry the surface to restore your grout and tile like a pro.

However, it is always good to do a patch test to prevent damage. You can also use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and castile soap to clean delicate surfaces like marble, limestone and other natural stones.

4. Open the Clogged Drains

The corrosive and acidic properties of muriatic acid make it an ideal product to unclog shower drains and bathroom and kitchen sink drains with ease. All you need to do:

  • Mix one part of muriatic acid with 12 parts of water in a plastic bucket and stir the solution.
  • Pour the solution into the clogged drain. Do it gently to prevent splashes on the skin.
  • Let it rest for 10-20 minutes. This will break down the dirt and gunk in the drainage system.
  • In the next step, pour hot water and clear the drain.
  • For better results, pour baking soda and water.
  • Rinse the drain with water.

You can also use natural cleaning solutions, such as vinegar instead of muriatic acid as it is safe, eco-friendly and super-effective.

5. Dislodges Rust Stains Effectively

Muriatic acid has another cleaning benefit when used at home. It can easily remove stubborn rust stains from stainless steel. Apply the diluted form and gently rub the steel using a scrubbing pad.

Leave it for 10 minutes to break down the brown rust and make your work a bit easier. This solution can help you clean stainless steel appliances in a breeze.

Key Safety Measures to Consider When Using Muriatic Acid

Here are the key safety precautions to take because muriatic acid is corrosive and could cause various health hazards.

  • Keep it away from kids and pets.
  • Always wear safety gear, such as rubber gloves, a face mask, a long-sleeve shirt and safety glasses.
  • Keep windows and doors open for proper ventilation and ensure indoor fire safety before using any chemical products.
  • Be careful with spills and splashes on your clothes or surrounding surfaces. It can cause damage to plastic, wood and other delicate surfaces.
  • Never mix it with other cleaning products, such as ammonia, bleach, or vinegar.
  • Always dilute muriatic acid using water and gently rinse off the area to prevent residue.
  • Do not rush the process. Instead, take time and slowly apply the acid.
  • To prevent toxic fumes and other hazards, use eco-friendly products such as vinegar, lemon, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and castile soap.

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What are the Cleaning uses of Muriatic Acid at Home?

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Wrapping up

Muriatic acid is effective but corrosive. So, be careful and follow the safety measures to tackle stains, oil, grime and mould from different surfaces. With the help of this article, you can maintain a healthy, shiny and clean house using the best cleaning solutions.