What Is The Easiest Way to Clean Your Room

young woman moping the floor of her bedroom

What Is The Easiest Way to Clean Your Room

By : Mikaela Perrin
Due to office work, household chores, children or other commitments, most people don’t have the time or energy to put hours into cleaning their rooms. But, it is a necessary activity as an unclean room increases stress and anxiety. Plus, the dust, dirt and germs make you sick, lowering your productivity. Therefore, you must maintain a regular room cleaning routine that you can complete in minutes rather than hours. At the end of a tenancy, you can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to sanitise your entire rental property deeply. Professionals have the supplies, expertise and experience to clean and disinfect the different areas of residential properties in a few hours. But, follow these tips by experts to make regular upkeep of your room less time-consuming and clean it in the easiest way possible.

Make Your Bed

After waking up every morning, tidy your bed to make your room appear organised and clean. Do this activity before starting your day, as completing the easy task will help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, when you go to bed after a long and tiring day, having a neat and tidy bed is the best stress reliever.

Declutter & Remove Trash

Make sure to sort through your belongings every few weeks to get rid of unwanted or broken things in your room. Start by removing everything you haven’t used for at least six months or don’t use at least once a year. In addition to sorting your things, remove trash like wrappers and paper clutter every day to prevent your room from looking dirty and unkempt.

Eliminate Root Causes of Odours

There are several areas in a room you can overlook or neglect during regular cleaning. These spots include the floor under the bed, tracks & frames of windows/doors, baseboards, ceiling corners and other hard to reach spaces. The accumulation of dust, dirt, mould spores or bacteria in these areas make your room smell. You can vacuum these areas using the crevices tools or clean them with flexible microfiber products like gloves, dusters, sticks etc. Professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast always keep various cleaning tools in their kits to sanitise every nook and cranny without hassle and prevent odours.

Dust & Vacuum

Remove dust, dirt, mites, and other pollutants from surfaces, furniture and fixtures in your room every day. Dusting is crucial to maintain good quality indoor air and avoid getting sick repeatedly. Additionally, make sure to vacuum the carpets, beddings, upholsteries and fixtures in your room every week. Vacuum cleaner easily picks allergens or pollutants trapped in fibres and crevices, which is why you save time, energy and effort. Like the professional end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast, always dust and vacuum from top to bottom. This technique helps complete these tasks efficiently and prevent re-contamination of sanitised areas.

Wash Beddings Weekly & Keep Clothes Sorted

Change the bed sheets and pillow covers at least once a week and wash them with a mild detergent. Get blankets, pullovers, and other beddings dry cleaned or wash them yourself every few months as per care instructions on the label. Also, keep your clothes sorted by following these tips.
  • Put dirty clothes in a laundry bag
  • Wash a load every day
  • Fold clean laundry immediately after they dry
  • Separately keep clean clothes and items you have worn once but can wear again.
  • Never heap clothes on the floor, chair or corner of the room as they look unpleased and dirty laundry causes smells.

Sweep & Mop

Floors are constantly exposed to pollutants, spills and illness-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Therefore, cleaning them every day is crucial. To get the best results, sweep your room’s floor to collect physical contaminants and rubbish. Next, clean and disinfect it with a mop saturated with a safe and natural solution. You can make a multipurpose floor sanitiser by mixing water and white vinegar in equal proportions in a bucket. Also, add one-two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or castile soap and a few drops of an antimicrobial essential oil like lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, etc. Note: Substitute white vinegar with baking soda for granite, marble or other natural stone floors as vinegar can damage them.

Sanitise High-Touch Surfaces/Objects

Usually regularly used surfaces and objects in your room are breeding grounds for germs. When these high-touch points remain dirty, the germs cause viral or bacterial infections, and transmission of the infections becomes easy. Thus you should sanitise common points of contact in your room every day. You can wipe them with a microfiber cloth then disinfect by spraying one part rubbing alcohol and one part water solution.


When your room is neat and tidy, you sleep better, feel relaxed and less stressed or anxious. By following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your house clean and organised in the easiest way possible. However, if you need to deep clean your room and other areas of your house at the end of a tenancy, hire end of lease cleaning experts in Gold Coast with a good market reputation and years of experience.