Why Routine Maintenance Is Important For Your Rental Property

Why Routine Maintenance Is Important For Your Rental Property

By : Mikaela Perrin
As a tenant, it is important that you routinely clean and maintain your rental property to keep it spotless and in good shape. Routine maintenance will also help you avoid costly repairs in the future and keep you on good terms with your landlord. Besides this, once you follow all your lease term agreements and regularly keep your rental property spotless, you can get your full bond back at the end of your tenancy. You can also occasionally hire professional bond cleaning Gold Coast services to help deep-clean your home and make it easier to maintain. Here are some details on why routine maintenance is necessary for your rental property:  Why Should You Routinely Maintain Your Rental Property 

Keeps You And Your Family Safe From Bacteria And Germs

When you regularly clean and spruce up your property, you keep yourself and your family safe while living there. This is because dirt and dust can build up over time, attracting germs that cause bacterial infections and diseases. If you do not have time to clean your home regularly or have too much work, you can hire bond cleaning Gold Coast professionals to do an intensive and thorough cleaning and scrub every corner of the property.

Prevent Major Repairs And Damages In Your Rental Home

Besides this, when you regularly check and inspect your home for repairs and damages like broken locks, faulty wires and damaged pipes, you can prevent major accidents and electrical faults. For instance, if you have a leaking pipe in your home, it can cause extensive water loss and damage your walls and ceilings. These damp ceilings can, in turn, attract harmful mould spores that affect your health. Thus, it is better to look for leaks and minor repairs regularly so that you can get them fixed in time and prevent any major damages.

Helps You Save Costs In The Long Term

Also, if you report problems to your landlord in time, they can repair it quickly and help you save costs in the long term. For instance, if you do not report a fault in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System), it can burn out over time and stop working. You will then have to pay for installing a new HVAC system in your rental property as you did not report the issue in time. Thus, it is best to let your landlord know if there are any damages to your appliances, gutters and roofs or if there are any mould or electrical issues, so that it does not build up over time and cause a major expense in the future.

You Are Legally Required To Keep The Property In Good Shape

According to the rental lease agreement you signed at the beginning of your tenancy, you and your landlord will have certain responsibilities to maintain the rental property. If you fail to complete any of these tasks, your landlord can report you and also hold back your rental bond at the end of your tenancy. Thus, it is important that you follow all your maintenance tasks and fulfil all your duties as a tenant. Tip: Here are some smart cleaning hacks to make maintenance easier.

Keeps You On Good Terms With Your Landlord

Lastly, when you keep the rental property in good shape by dusting and wiping it regularly, cleaning the appliances, removing grease and oil stains, vacuuming the floors, and more, you will keep your landlord happy. This is especially important at the end of your lease when you need to pass your landlord’s inspection to get your bond back. If you routinely clean and maintain your home, it will be easier to do an end-of-lease scrubbing and impress your landlord. Besides this, if you keep your rental home in good condition, your landlord might give you positive reviews that will help you find a new rental home on the Gold Coast. Tip: Here are three simple tips to help you get your bond back. Now that you know why it is important to maintain your rental property regularly, you should start cleaning and dusting each corner and repairing any minor damages. Here are some maintenance tasks you should perform regularly to keep your rental home tidy:
  • Maintain the sanitary condition of your home by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping your floors and walls.
  • Remove oil and grease stains from your appliances and countertops to keep them working efficiently and for a longer period.
  • Prevent the growth of mould in your home by conducting regular inspections and getting it treated in time.
  • Hire bond cleaning professionals on the Gold Coast to deep-clean your home occasionally to help keep it free of dirt and germs.
  • Check your roofs and gutters for any clogs and dirt buildups.
  • Inspect your pipes and faucets for water leaks.
  • Regularly check for pests and termites to prevent an infestation.
  • You must also keep your rental home free of any safety hazards by ensuring that no personal items block your entry and exit points.
  • Also, regularly check your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms to see that they are working properly.


Thus, as a tenant, you are legally responsible for maintaining your rental property regularly and keeping it free from germs and dirt. You must also keep your property clean and neat to keep you and your family safe and secure and to help you stay on good terms with your landlord. Fixing minor repairs and damages in time will keep the problem from escalating and help save you money and time.