Your Before- & After-Vacation Cleaning Checklist

Your Before- & After-Vacation Cleaning Checklist

By : Mikaela Perrin
Vacation is always exciting because you get a break from your daily routine, chores and stress. However, when you come back, you have to deal with a dirty house. From a dust layer and a stinky house to fungal growth and bacteria, you have to face various problems. To make the task easier, you must clean the important place before going on vacation and perform a thorough cleaning after coming back. It is advisable to follow a checklist to ensure you do not miss any important spots. Most people prefer to hire professionals when they return home from vacation. So, you can also contact a company that offers the best end of lease cleaning Gold Coast. The experts are highly recommended to clean a rental property at the end of lease period, but they also offer various services, including thorough house cleaning. If you want to perform the task yourself, you must know the areas that you need to focus on. Here is your before- & after-vacation cleaning checklist.

Before Going To Vacation

When you are going on vacation, you need to clean those particular surfaces that can accumulate the dust more and promote the growth of germs and bacteria inside the house.
  • Scrub Toilet:A dirty and stained toilet bowl will promote the growth of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is essential that you give the toilet bowl a thorough scrub. Along with the toilet, also clean your bathtub, sink and other spots.
  • Clean Oven:Going on vacation without cleaning your dirty oven can be a huge mistake. The dirt, grease build-up and spills will promote the growth of germs and will make it extremely challenging to clean when you return from your vacation. You can either use a store-bought oven cleaner or natural cleaning agents like baking soda.
  • Vacuum Carpets:The carpets are one of those surfaces that quickly accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, insect droppings, food particles, pet hairs etc. Therefore it requires frequent cleaning. So before going out for vacation, make sure you totally vacuum your carpets. First, run the machine vertically and then horizontally to get the best result.
  • Clear Out Your Fridge:When you are going on vacation, you need to shut down the power, which will allow the freezer to defrost. So, make sure that you deep clean the inside of the fridgeproperly because the moisture will promote the growth of moulds inside the appliance.
  • Empty Trash Cans: Do not forget to empty your trash cans because the garbage inside the can produce a bad smell. So take out the trash before you go on vacation. If possible, wash the trash can from the inside properly.

  • After-Vacation Cleaning

    Once you return home, it is important that you clean the entire house. Although it is highly recommended to hire certified end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast to get the best result, you can also follow DIY methods. When you clean your home after the vacation, you must pay attention to the following chores.
  • Clean the Ceiling Corners and Light Fittings: Take a long-handled duster to remove the cobwebs and dust from the corners of the ceiling and top of the walls. Also, remove dust from the light fittings one by one. If the dirt clear is stubborn, remove the light fittings and wash them properly.
  • Clean the Windows Inside and Out:It is another important place that will require a thorough cleaning once you return from your vacation. From the windows screen, glass and frames to sills and blinds, you must clean every spot perfectly. You can use a window cleaner and can even hire a professional end of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast. They know how to clean windows perfectly.
  • Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery:It is the right time to give your upholstery and carpets a thorough cleaning. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove all kinds of dust, dirt, pet hair, food particles and other such things.
  • Wipe the furniture and picture frames:Take a microfiber duster to remove the dust layer from your furniture, picture frames, wall clocks, table surfaces and other such places.
  • Wipe Kitchen Countertop:You should also wipe your kitchen countertop with a dampened cloth. It is important to clean this particular surface because you need to prepare your meals at this particular place.If there are any dirty patches, use warm soapy water and a sponge to scrub. Finally, wipe the spot with a dry cloth.
  • Sweep and Mop Floor:After dusting all the rooms and services, finally you need to sweep the floor properly. After eliminating stains and spills, mop the floor.

  • Take Away

    Cleaning all the household surfaces after a long vacation can be highly stressful and overwhelming. If you want to make the task easier, follow the checklist mentioned above. To avoid the stress and hassles of dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing different surfaces, contact professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast. They will make your home sparkling clean.