Your Office Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist

Your Office Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist

By : Mikaela Perrin
Are you ready to go back to your office after the COVID-19 pandemic? You will want a healthy and clean working environment to work in peace and will want to enjoy some hygienic office space when you go back. To keep your office space clean, you should hire commercial cleaners in Gold Coast to help you make your entire work area sparkle. They will cover every corner of your office from the desks to the washrooms and make it look as good as new. These experts follow a specific office cleaning checklist to make your office look flawless, and you can also follow some of the steps given in this checklist below to keep your office space clean.

1. Start With The Reception Area

Whether you are hiring bond cleaners on Gold Coast or cleaning your office on your own, you must always start out with the reception area. Make sure you dust the reception desk with a feather duster or cloth daily and wipe down the desk surface with a wet cloth. You should also thoroughly wipe down all the telephones, glass surfaces, and seating areas to remove any dirt and grime.

2. Move To The Main Office Area

The main office area is where you will be spending most of your time, and thus you must make sure it is cleaned thoroughly so that your entire staff is comfortable there. You can make sure your main office area is cleaned in the following manner:
  • You should have all your staff members dust and wipe down their keyboards and desks before and after finishing work every day.
  • Next, you must assign different people to an office area and have them sweep and mop the floors at the end of every week. This will keep the whole office area clean and disinfected.
  • It would be best to wipe down all the glass windows with water and vinegar to remove any stains and use a squeegee to remove any streaks.
  • You must dust all surface areas and wipe down the arm handles of chairs and table surfaces with a clean cloth every day.
  • If you have any carpets in your main office area, you can have them deep cleaned every month so that they are spotless. You can also vacuum and dust them daily to ensure they are not filled with any dirt and grime.
  • You can always hire a bond cleaning service in Gold Coast to clean and disinfect your workplace so that your office staff can work in a peaceful and clean office environment.

3. Clean The Bathrooms

The office washrooms are significant areas where germs and bacteria can survive and therefore needs to be cleaned daily. You can follow the below steps to keep your office washrooms clean:  
  • Start by wiping down all the surface areas in the washroom with a damp cloth and scrubbing the faucets and flushes.
  • You should put some bleach in all the toilets and leave it for some time before flushing them and then scrub the sides of the toilets with vinegar to keep them disinfected.
  • It is essential to do this in light of the COVID-19 pandemic so that your staff is safe from this virus.
  • After all the toilets are clean, wipe down all the doors, door handles and knobs with a wet cloth.
  • You should then sweep and mop the floor and scrub any hard stains with baking soda.
  • You should then take the garbage from the bins and throw it out before replacing it with a new liner.
  • You can get the entire staff involved in helping you clean the washrooms daily or hire professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning in Gold Coast to help you do the same.

4. Clean The Kitchen Areas

Lastly, it would help if you cleaned the kitchen and dining areas so that your office staff could enjoy their coffee and lunch in peace. Start by cleaning all the high touch surfaces like coffee machines, refrigerator doors and chair handles daily. It would be best to wipe down all the furniture in the kitchen area. Hire commercial cleaners in Gold Coast to empty and clean out the refrigerator every week so that it doesn’t smell and doesn’t attract bacteria and viruses. Make sure that you wipe the sink daily and check the drainage to see if it is working correctly. If there is any blockage, you can put some lemon and ice in it and leave the drainage on. This is one of the best DIY cleaning hacks that will eliminate any blockage and make your kitchen smell nice.


It is essential to clean and maintain your office regularly so that your staff have a healthy and hygienic environment to work in. You can follow the above checklist to do this and make your office space more enjoyable and neat.