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Are you looking for useful, effective yet easy DIY cleaning tips? We bring you this section where you can find all the latest tips & hacks about bond cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, removing stubborn stains, sanitising and disinfecting tips to make your job easier. Learn how professionals deal with cleaning chores.

How to Clean these Hard-to-Reach Areas in Your Home?

  • Emily Smith
  • 5 May 2019

Cleaning a home on a daily basis means overlooking hard-to-reach areas. Your house cleaning schedule may take you to the corners of your rooms, but...

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Musty Smells in your House

  • Emily Smith
  • 22 April 2019

Do you often experience a stinky smell when you pull your should-be-fresh clothes out of the dryer after a couple of days, or when entering...

How to Clean Kitchen Sinks And Drainpipes

  • Emily Smith
  • 15 March 2019

People use their kitchen sinks a lot but overlook the importance of cleaning it, owing to their busy schedule. They let dishes pile up and...

How to Find the Best Bond Cleaners in Gold Coast?

  • Emily Smith
  • 25 February 2019

Moving into a new property is exciting as well as daunting. Furniture arrangements and deciding the wall colour are not the only things you need...

How To Deep Clean A Stove Top?

  • Emily Smith
  • 11 October 2018

The stove top is probably the most notorious haven for gunk, grease and grime in the kitchen. The built-up spills and oil residues on the...

Got Allergies? Follow These Cleaning Tips

  • Emily Smith
  • 13 August 2018

A dirty house can lead to many diseases including respiratory problems, allergies and asthma. If you or someone in your house is suffering from allergies,...