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Are you looking for useful, effective yet easy DIY cleaning tips? We bring you this section where you can find all the latest tips & hacks about bond cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, removing stubborn stains, sanitising and disinfecting tips to make your job easier. Learn how professionals deal with cleaning chores.

5 Important Tips for Removing Stains

  • Emily Smith
  • 25 October 2017

Getting that stubborn coffee stain out of your carpet may seem daunting, but you can remove it by following some great stain removal tricks and...

8 Simple House Cleaning Tips for your Property

  • Emily Smith
  • 11 October 2017

Everyone has one of those days in every month where they have to involve in annoying house cleaning process, from floors to carpets, bathrooms to...

8 Advantages of Hiring a Professional End of lease cleaning company in Gold Coast.

  • Emily Smith
  • 27 September 2017

The most common dispute between the landlords and tenants happens because of cleaning. According to the lease agreement, a tenant has to return the property...

Why hire Commercial Cleaners on the Gold Coast

  • Emily Smith
  • 13 September 2017

Most of the employees spend more than 40 hours every week in their offices. Being a business owner, it becomes vital to keep the environment...

Surface Cleaning Guide: How to clean all types of Floors?

  • admin
  • 9 August 2017

Neat, clean and shiny floors not only amplify the look of an entire house but also keep your kids away from germs and bacteria. Whether...

Commercial Cleaning Guide: How to remove dust from upholstery

  • Mikaela Perrin
  • 2 August 2017

Nothing can be better than keeping the entire commercial space clean for your employees, employers and customers. A neat and clean working environment not only...